Shahin Group, is based in Istanbul, and has a branch in Dubai and specializes in supply chain management of agricultural commodities such as Wheat & Wheat Flour, Pulses, Oil Seeds & Edible Oils, Frozen Poultry & Meats, Animal Feed Raw Materials , Spices, Dried Fruits, Packaging Materials and Special Crops. Shahin Group's strategically located network of 2 overseas offices, currently exports different food products from different countries to customers in 30 countries.

Beside food and commodities, Shahin Group is dealing with food processing machines such as Cube
Sugar Machines and packing machines.

In Construction sector, Shahin Group can supply Construction materials like cables, Cement, Iron & Steel
and Plastic Products.

When dealing with Shahin Group, our customers receive the benefit of our good experience and our vast suppliers network in all the world. Shahin Group's ensures to its customers that they receive the best quality products at the most competitive price.

Tel: +90 544 917 87 80